With twenty years of experience teaching young people, I know exactly how to nurture them to bring out the best in each and every student.


confidence coaching for students

Public Speaking has the power to transform every young person’s confidence from the shyest to the most confident. Depending on your needs, I offer workshops in education for one hour to one day of training for young people in public speaking.

I can work with small groups of 6-25 young people or on a one to one basis. Over the last few years I have lead full day workshops for government funded, NCS The Challenge, leading workshops in public speaking for up to eighty young people.

Previous students have attained high grades in their LAMDA public speaking exams (with 95% achieving merits to distinctions) as well as preparing and delivering speeches to up to two hundred people.

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Before I started LAMDA Public Speaking, I was pretty shy and I didn’t have the confidence. Through working with Miss Gilbert, I’ve become a more open person, able to express my opinions. Miss Gilbert has helped me with my public speaking in front of big audiences or even a small room of people. Being a black young girl in a state school is hard. Thanks to this work, I created my own goals and dreams and I’m working towards them happily. I am now Head Girl in 6th Form and I am a part of Southwark youth council being the voice for Walworth and my borough. Working with Miss Gilbert has contributed greatly to my journey.

Skye Campbell

Walworth Academy, Year 11-13 Student

Kate had fantastic facilitation skills, and worked well with the wider staffing team, constantly aware of YPs needs and made relevant adjustments. She was really good in terms of dynamically adjusting the session. One YP on the autistic spectrum wasn’t keen to speak initially but by the end of the day was motivated to speak.

Fatema Choudhrey

NCS - The Challenge

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