Most people will have to do a presentation at some point in their careers, but not everyone gets trained to do this in their formative education.


With over six years of experience of training people in presentations, I will work with you to find your unique qualities in presenting as well as teaching you how to structure and build a presentation that has the right impact on your audience. If you are someone who struggles with nerves, I can bring techniques to you that will build your confidence, my previous clients are a testament to my methods working.

​In our sessions, we will work on all areas of public speaking including mindset, nerves, storytelling, content, structure, vocal technique, body language and delivery.

​I work bespoke to your needs, level of confidence and experience. We will start with a twenty-minute complimentary phone consultation in which I will ascertain how we will work together and how I can best help. Sessions can be one-off or a block booking, depending on your needs and goals. It’s your session.



Kate was recommended to me at a time when I had been working long hours during an exceptionally challenging period at work and as a result I was quite tired. I had an important presentation coming and felt I needed some help to prepare. I engaged on a series of sessions with Kate which made all the difference – Kate managed to restore my confidence and energy levels very quickly and most importantly helped me find my voice ! An added bonus was that the sessions were extremely enjoyable

Lynne Fennah

Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Empiric Student Property plc

Kate was recommended to me by a friend who has had the benefit of working with Kate in the past. I booked a last minute coaching session with her as I was quite nervous about hosting my first ever one day workshop. Hiring Kate was the best thing I could have done. Her lovely, encouraging support really helped put my mind at rest in terms of my ability and confidence. She also shared with me a number of extremely useful and powerful techniques which helped to polish my presentation. I have since gone on to deliver two very successful and extremely enjoyable workshops and have ambition to scale up my audience. I will definitely be calling on Kate’s expertise again in the future as my work expands and grows.

Charmaine Berry


I’d done some public speaking in the past, but Kate offered instruction and guidance specific to me that showed me how to hone, improve and structure what I was doing. She helped me to focus on who I would be speaking to so that I could much more effectively engage my audience and communicate my message. Kate was also a lot of fun to work with and made the whole process enjoyable. She’s a great teacher who knows her stuff!

Andy Hammond

Creative Director, Maverick Media

I was extremely grateful to have been put in touch with Kate in the lead up to the talk. I’ve had a lot of anxiety around giving presentations for a long time, and so being asked to give a 45-minute talk to a lecture theatre full of scientists was daunting to say the least! From our initial meeting, she was warm and supportive, and together we talked about working towards finding a way to enjoy giving the presentation. Kate provided a structured and supportive environment to work on all aspects of the talk, from relaxation and vocal warm-up, to voice projection, body language and how to really engage with the audience. Kate was brilliant at being encouraging, and also clear about the things that I needed to work on. The presentation went really well and I even started to enjoy it at the end!


PhD Student

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